Meet the Artist !

Alexisis Correa

Hi, I'm Alexisis!

I found my love for Art very early on.

Art has comforted me through difficult times when I couldn't express myself and has been essential in my development as an artist. It has been an integral part of my identity and accomplishments.

Throughout my life, I have experimented playing with different mediums, materials and ideas. That's when I grew fascinated with precious gemstones and crystals.

I learned to apply them to my own creations by combining a wide range of captivating colors, ethically sourced hand-picked crystals and 18k Gold Flakes.

My Collections range from Japanese "Kintsugi" inspired Art, Luxe Crystal Grinders, Crystal Jars, Crystal Accessories and many more. @AlexisisCreates I strive for my products to emit positive, energizing, and uplifting vibrations to all the people who use them.

I make accessories for those who love crystals, art and pride myself in each unique one of a kind piece I create.

Thank you so much for your interest in my art. Bringing joy and happiness to others through my art is my ultimate goal.

- Alexisis